2008 Ford Escape Case Study

2008 Ford Escape Hybrid Case Study

Brake problem

Recently, a customer brought their 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid to us from the dealer for a second opinion.  The customer had experienced a loss of brake pedal and warning lights for the brake system.  The dealer did a quick diagnostic and told them they needed a new Hydraulic Control Unit (HCU) to the tune of about $3500, plus 4-5 hours of labor.

Upon performing our diagnostic, we noticed that the HCU was performing correctly but something outside the unit was causing the issue.  When we drilled down to the root cause, we found the front brake hoses were restricted “tricking” the HCU into thinking it had an internal leak.  Once we replaced the hoses ($20 each) and performed the bleed procedure with the factory scan tool, all was good!!  We saved the customer over $3000 by properly diagnosing the issue.


Written by autoshop-lab