Air Filters

What they do: Particles like dirt, grit, mold, pollen, microbes, and dust can easily harm engines and people too! Air filters clean the air that enters into your engine. The majority of modern vehicles have 2 air filters. The internal combustion air filtration system allows for the air to be pulled into the engine and avoids added wear on the engine by eliminating dust, dirt, and grit. The cabin air filter operates to cleanse the air that moves into the cabin with the ventilation system by eliminating dust, leaves, dirt, and most pollen from the cabin and the air conditioning and heating systems.

Why service is very important: Dirt, dust, and particles can easily hurt engine parts and cause sluggish performance. A filthy air filter can cause poor gas economy, efficiency, and if the filter fails it can result in a damage and the need for additional engine repairs. Worn or unclean cabin air filters can negatively impact your Air Conditioner (AC) and heater performance. They can also pose allergic reactions and prospective health danger for the driver and any passengers.

Car Air Filters might need to be changed if you experience:

  • Reduction of engine power or fuel economy
  • Emissions concerns
  • Odd, wet, or musty smells when the vent is turned on

Happy Hybrid auto repair offers Car Air Filter Replacement for Austin, TX
It’s suggested that the cabin air filter be changed every 12,000 miles, or at least yearly. Internal combustion air filters should be checked according to manufacturer’s recommendations, typically every 3 months and need to be changed every 3,000 – 15,000 miles or with your oil change (or when dirty) . Automobiles in extreme conditions, dirty roads, off-roading, roadway construction, or icy roadways treated with ice salt require the air filters to be changed much more often.


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