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Engine Oil

Motor oil is the life-blood of your engine—it lubricates all moving parts, inhibits corrosion, cleans, and even cools the engine by minimizing friction. Without oil, all of the moving surfaces within the engine would grind together. The resulting friction wastes power by converting otherwise useful energy into heat and causes premature wear on internal engine components. Both the friction and the prematurely worn parts cause an increase in fuel consumption and a decrease in power output. Motor oil solves both of these problems by creating a separating film between contiguous moving parts within the engine. It also provides them with a protective layer against rust and corrosion. Overtime, however, engine oil will become contaminated by dust, metallic shavings, moisture, and even antifreeze. In addition, the additives in the oil will eventually break down and can also become a contaminant. To protect your engine from contaminated or low oil, Happy Hybrid Auto recommends having it changed every 3,000 miles or 3 months, unless otherwise specified by the owner’s manual. Don’t know how to change your oil? No problem! Happy Hybrid Auto has expert technicians and a state of the art service center ready to do it for you. Come by our service and repair center, located in Austin, TX, today for your oil change!

Power Steering Fluid

Cars today are heavy duty pieces of machinery—think about all the mechanical systems it takes to move over two tons of metal! So how is it that they are so easy to steer? A basic steering system operates by translating the rotational movement of the steering wheel into a directional shift in the wheels. As cars became heavier, however, the system required a little boost to generate enough force to direct the tires. Today, most vehicles are outfitted with power steering—a system that uses hydraulic pressure or an electric motor to assist the steering mechanism. In other words, when the steering wheel is turned, a valve releases highly pressurized fluid into the steering mechanism and pushes it in the direction the driver is turning. Overtime, this fluid can become contaminated by dirt, moisture, or debris that has built up in the system and will need to be replaced. For this reason, power steering fluid should be checked and flushed regularly. Old fluid can cause expensive damage to other parts of your vehicle’s steering system if left unchanged.

At Happy Hybrid Auto, we recommend that your power steering fluid be checked at every oil change. Low fluid levels can not only cause expensive damage to other components of your steering mechanism, but can reduce the effectiveness of your power steering. If you’re experiencing any issues or just want to have your fluids checked, come by our service and repair center located in Austin, TX. Happy Hybrid Auto’s ASE certified technicians are ready to put their knowledge and years of experience to get you steering smoothly!

Transmission Fluid

Happy Hybrid Auto is Austin, TX’s preferred service center for transmission fluid and filter replacement. A transmission’s main function is to transfer power from the engine to the wheels via its gears. Consequently, these gears must be properly lubricated and cooled by fluid and the fluid must be kept clean by a filter. Eventually, however, both will become contaminated with particles and will need to be cleaned or replaced. During a fluid and filter replacement, the transmission is drained of liquid and replaced with the manufacturer recommended fluid for your vehicle. If your transmission has a filter, it’s changed. Periodic fluid and filter replacement can prevent some of the wear and tear on your transmission. Visit our Austin, TX’s service and repair center today!

Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is a key component to hydraulically operated brake systems. The fluid will generate enough pressure, up to 2,000 PSI, to transfer the force of the driver’s foot pressing the brake pedal to the brakes at each wheel. In order to function properly, brake fluid must be free of any air bubbles and it must not contain any moisture or corrosive impurities to prevent from corroding metal components within the brake system. When air leaks into brake fluid it becomes less compressible—gas is much more easily compressed than liquid and can therefore not generate as much pressure. If this occurs, the brake lines will have to be purged of all air bubbles via a procedure called brake bleeding. Similarly, when moisture is introduced into the brake fluid, it causes problems. All brake fluid contains corrosion inhibitors to protect the metal components of the brake system. When moisture is present, it breaks down these inhibitors and can result in extensive damage throughout the brake assembly. At Happy Hybrid Auto, we recommend that brake fluid be replaced every 1 to 2 years, whether there are any issues or not. A vehicle’s brakes are one of its most important safety features and should be checked periodically. If you’re experiencing any brake problems, bring your car in immediately. Happy Hybrid Auto’s service and repair center is located in Austin, TX.



As the engine burns fuel to generate mechanical force it creates an enormous amount of heat. If not dealt with, this heat would destroy the engine within a matter of minutes. To solve this problem, a liquid is used that can withstand temperatures above 250 degrees without boiling and temperatures below zero without freezing. The liquid is generally a mixture of antifreeze and water that also contains additives to prevent rust and corrosion. This coolant is circulated through the engine where it picks up heat and carries it to the radiator. Once in the radiator, air coming in from the grill cools the liquid and it is re-circulated. Overtime, the coolant can become corrosive and, if not flushed, can cause problems in the cooling system. Corrosive coolant will eventually lead to overheating and coolant leaks. At Happy Hybrid Auto, we recommend that your vehicle’s coolant be flushed on a regular basis to prevent unnecessary damage to the cooling system. Any leaking, brittle, spongy, or cracked hoses should be replaced before the antifreeze is replaced.

Differential Fluid

Differentials are composed of gears that allow the wheels to turn at different speeds when your vehicle goes around a corner. They tend to operate at high temperatures. Overtime, the fluid lubricating these gears will break down and develop a gooey texture that prevents the differential from working properly. If you continue to drive with a poorly lubricated differential, the gears will start to grind and cause expensive damage to your vehicle. By replacing this fluid, you can prevent premature wear on the differential’s gears. Bring your car to Happy Hybrid Auto, and one of our expert technicians will drain the old fluid and replace it with fluid recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer. Happy Hybrid Auto’ service and repair center is located near Austin, TX.

Transfer Case Oil

Happy Hybrid Auto is proud to provide the Austin, TX area with a wide range of services and repairs for your vehicle’s transfer case. In its most basic sense, a transfer case is a gear box found in four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive systems that sends power from the transmission to the front and rear axles. The gears within the transfer case need to be lubricated in order to stay cool and function smoothly. Overtime, however, this fluid becomes dirty or depleted and needs to be changed. Replacing this fluid will prevent damage to your transfer case and maximize its lifespan. Bring your car to Happy Hybrid Auto and one of our expert technicians will inspect your transfer case for leaks, drain it of all fluid, and replace the fluid according to your vehicle’s specifications. Happy Hybrid Auto service and repair center is conveniently located in Austin, TX.

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