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What is different about Hybrid Vehicles, and why do we specialise in Hybrid and EV (Electric Vehicles)?

A Hybrid Vehicle uses two types of propulsion systems working in tandem. In theory it could be any mixture including pneumatic (compressed air), Hydraulic, Internal Combustion Engine (ICE), Electric (EV), etc. In actual practice all hybrid vehicles currently available in production  are ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) combined with Electric battery and Electric motor drive.  

Hybrid Battery           Honda IMA Electric Motor     




What this means to the Technician servicing these vehicle is that they must understand all of the complexity, and have all of the knowledge, experience, and training of working on Internal Combustion vehicles and also have all the knowledge, experience, and training of working on the High Voltage Electric drive systems, traction batteries, and the specialised electronics of these vehicles.

Most automotive technicians are not comfortable with high voltage systems!   It also means we need to really understand electric drive systems (the 3 phase inverter and control electronics), 3 phase high voltage electric motors, high voltage – high current traction battery systems, battery management systems, battery chemistry including Lithium Ion and Nickel Metal Hydride, charging systems, and proper safety procedures, practices, and equipment in working with high voltage systems.

Most automobile technicians, including the techs at the dealers, do not really understand the electronics. They are typically trained to follow the step by step process, and to replace parts in question without understanding why or what is really wrong. Automotive training does not include electronics or electrical engineering.              

Other unique things about both Hybrid and Electric Vehicles are in the ancillary systems including:

  • Electric heat pump replacing the belt driven air conditioning compressor and the coolant/heater core cabin heating system
  • Electric and electronically controlled power steering systems
  • Drive by wire technology for accelerator, braking systems
  • Electrically operated braking systems replacing the traditional vacuum boosted brakes
  • Regenerative braking systems

These systems were pioneered in the EV and Hybrid vehicles, and are now becoming mainstream in conventional ICE vehicles to improve efficiency and dependability, reduce cost, and provide flexibility to the vehicle’s design team.

Our entire team understands and has the passion to work with Hybrid Vehicles and EVs, and we know electric drive and hybrid is the future of the automobile. In practical terms driving a hybrid vehicle reduces pollution, saves fuel, and reduces your carbon footprint. We strongly support this technology, and we also champion the Electric Vehicles. This puts us in the position to work with all of the new technology that is really cool, including adaptive cruise control, self driving vehicles, self parking vehicles, etc. Happy Hybrid Auto is the ONLY independent auto repair facility in Austin that truly specializes in all of these technologies.

We have the knowledge, experience, passion, and training to service Hybrid Vehicles and Electric Vehicles in Austin, Texas!

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